European policies and programmes offer several opportunities to private and public entities.

Public entities consider European funds as an integrative resource for activities and investments aimed at promoting economic development, cohesion and social solidarity. European funds can be used to reduce economic and social disparities and implement individual and social rights.

Private organizations, especially SME, consider European funding as an opportunity to finance their development projects in different fields, from those more traditional as agriculture and craft to those more innovative related to research and technological innovation.

We perform information and consultancy services to both private and public bodies with the aim to facilitate the access to the European Union funding schemes.

Our services:

  • Guidance and assistance in both identifying the European resources and programmes and having access to them
  • Project planning and preparation of the application forms
  • Creation and management of the transnational partnerships
  • Contacts with the European Commission
  • Technical Assistance during the implementation of the project activities
  • Accounting and Reporting activity for projects
  • Monitoring and evaluation throughout the project activities
  • Assessment and evaluation of Structural Funds implementation (ex ante, ongoing, ex post)
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